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Miss Cassandra Robins

Cassie is an experienced Accredited Practicing Dietitian in both a hospital and community based setting. After completing her training in Australia at Queensland University of Technology she moved to England working for the NHS for over six years providing education around a variety of dietary conditions including nutrition support services for elderly malnourished patients, gastroenterology (IBS, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease), and disordered eating. She also began specialising in bariatric surgery due to having an ongoing number of patients referred to her after receiving surgery without any appropriate dietary education.

After too many years away from the sunshine she returned to Australia in 2022 and began working with Ipswich Bariatrics. Dietary education alongside bariatric surgery is crucial for successful weight loss and after witnessing what can happen if this is not provided, Cassie is determined to ensure all clients are provided with evidence-based recommendations before and after surgery in a safe and supportive environment to achieve their goals. This includes information on VLCD prior to any bariatric surgery as well as information on appropriate protein and multivitamin supplementation after surgery, and how to change eating behaviours for a sustainable and healthier future.